Nissan Titan-XD

This project for Nissan delivered against a very specific brief: take manufacturer CAD files and work in a secure environment to produce hundreds of assets destined for use on a web-configurator for the North American truck market. The images of the Titan were taken through the Stills studio using our highly effective CGI studio pipeline. We used state-of-the-art software and processed them through our render farm – regularly used for entire feature films, it can be called upon to deliver thousands of images at once.

The assets went through high levels of quality control and were delivered on time and on budget for the launch of one of Nissan’s most important US designed and assembled products. The final delivery featured the Nissan Titan in all body colours, at multiple angles. The interior imagery showcases the vehicles multiple trim levels, both cloth and leather, with fine attention to detail and product correctness. Framestore can also work with leading backplate image and HDRI libraries for pre-shot environments; some of our portfolio imagery features backplates courtesy of Moofe.

Nissan 'Diehard Fan'

The Stills studio worked again with Nissan on the 2016 ‘Diehard Fan’ campaign. Building on the immense success of the award-winning Diehard Fan app, built by Critical Mass for Nissan North America, the 2016 iteration sees virtual graphic decals representing collegiate sports teams from across the US applied to the front, sides and rear quarters of the iconic Nissan Titan truck. 

Using Nissan CAD data, Framestore’s artists recreated the Titan in three positions in photorealistic renders, before the trucks were composited into a CGI-modelled background environment. The team delivered 165 high quality individual assets in total, ready for integration into the new sweepstakes.

The 2016 follow-up to Diehard Fan - in which users could apply virtual face paint to their own digital image – allows fans to seamlessly personalise their dream vehicle for the new sports season. The activation connects Nissan and the Titan to the most passionate of US collegiate sports fans, who are once again able to proudly show and share their team colours.

Nissan 'Diehard Fan' Florida
Nissan 'Diehard Fan' Kansas
Nissan 'Diehard Fan' Long Beach

Audi TT

This portfolio project enabled our automotive CGI artists to produce some examples of high resolution stills which could be used in print or online. Our team are able to model in 3D or bring in the manufacturer CAD data, if available. These images can also complement a TV spot and form part of an integrated campaign as required.

Our Stills studio is home to a highly skilled automotive team, with a wealth of experience working on CGI imagery for a range of manufacturers.


These high quality product images were produced using the manufacturer-supplied CAD files and a unique lighting environment, which complemented the materials and finish of the device and showcased the quality of the surfaces for a premium overall appearance. The assets were used for online and print applications. The imagery can feature the device in any single or combination of colourways. The products may also interplay with the addition of reflection and shadow layers. Alongside accessories, they provide a complete suite of product offerings for retail and website usage.

Nokia / Microsoft

The imagery for Nokia was created using manufacturer-supplied CAD data which fed into our digital production pipeline. The results are hyperrealistic high resolution images for multi-channel usage. The imagery may also be configured to allow the products to be shown in all colours, with interplay between the devices to show reflection and shadow. The imagery can feature standalone devices or these combined with accessories and associated products.

The Nokia and Microsoft assets range from product–centric imagery through to beauty shots, designed to be used online and in print.

Bank of England

Framestore combined two teams to work hand-in-hand on this campaign. Using reference stills and a video shoot (to capture the behaviour and movement of a live fish) we were able to explain, in visual terms, the water-resistant properties of the new bank note material. Using state-of-the-art CGI we were also able to create a representative note in various positions to show the flexibility of the new five pound note. Our still imagery was required to show both front and back artwork whilst showcasing the benefits and technical properties in producing the new note. Combining shoot material with CGI has always been a core strength at Framestore, and the result here is evident in the final stills and highly informative film.

The release of a new British bank note is a national story, and to simply convey how the new five pound note looks is just the beginning.


These portfolio images were developed by our artists using reference photography. The watch was modelled in 3D; the final touches were made with a subtle grade applied to enhance the look and feel.

The watch was modelled in 3D and composited into a studio background in post production; creating a high resolution asset for use across multiple platforms.

Sainsbury's Mog

Our team regularly produces imagery of exceptionally high resolution for out-of-home print applications. This particular image began as a CGI render for Sainsbury's TV spot, which was then required at a much larger resolution for print. This flexible workflow, across multiple teams, showcases how a fully integrated advertising campaign can be produced collectively at Framestore. The CG team worked seamlessly with our Stills studio and were able to offer production efficiencies throughout the development process.

Shell: Shapeshifter

Our Stills team worked seamlessly with the VFX department to deliver a TVC in addition to print-quality detail across different formats. The VFX team built the groundbreaking Shapeshifter creature from scratch, supervising the shoot and managing the post production and CG work throughout the campaign.  Our Stills team cleaned up and enhanced the environments, giving them a film-calibre finish for the print campaign. We were provided with three matte paintings of the backplates plus the CG car and monster elements, which were then lit to match the plates. The team worked meticulously through the CG elements to pull out and enhance details. Finishing effects such as selective motion blur were added in order to convey the speed of the cars and monsters within each shot. The final image grades were pushed further than the commercial norm, in order to make the work really dazzle in print. What emerged was a stunning, highly successful 360° campaign that drew on the collaborative talent of several Framestore departments. 


Our Stills team is skilled in all aspects of asset creation, from product-centric imagery to advertising content. The following stills showcase our capabilites in the reproduction of materials and finishes, which can range from glass bottles modelled in 3D to fluid simulation for cosmetics. These can be realised through full CGI or with a combination of CGI and shot material. To complement the subject we often create bespoke backgrounds in 3D or shoot on a set or location as required. Framestore also works with leading backplate images and HDRI libraries for pre-shot environments. We are as adaptable as the client requires in order to produce highly engaging assets for use across different platforms.