Integrated Advertising

In line with Framestore's ethos as a one-stop creative solution to global integrated campaigns, the project tightly partnered two of Framestore’s creative teams, VFX and Digital Imaging, to work seamlessly together to deliver print-quality detail across different formats, ranging from magazine page to out-of-home 96 sheets.

Preparing for Print

For the VFX team, the work echoed that carried out for the commercial. Each environment was built in Nuke, providing maximum flexibility throughout the development stage. The set-ups utilised the significant photography and set reference material captured for the original piece. For the creatures, Corrosion and Gunk: 'The team animated them into position to get accurate motion effects; as for the commercial, they were rendered in Houdini with Mantra, with our CG car rendered in Maya with Arnold’, said Producer Chris Gray of the work. ‘It was then over to our Digital Imaging team to carefully finish each design, specifically for print’.