Marvel Avengers Tony Stark's Lab

The experience premiered on the debut Samsung Gear VR developer edition headset. Crafted in collaboration with Marvel and Samsung, the experience invites fans to explore a high level lab in Stark Tower. There fans meet JARVIS, the artificial intelligence Tony Stark developed to operate not only the tower, but his Iron Man armor as well, and preview the state of the art weapons and vehicles.

The demo begins in Tony Stark’s office, in the Iron Man armor. An interface overlay sets the scene. A large Samsung screen displays the two different aspects of the demo. The first, an Avengers ‘A’, plays a dazzling teaser clip from the motion-picture production. The player is free to look around as they wish while the clip plays. The second icon, Iron Man’s Mark 34 helmet, allows the view to explore the developing tech in the lab. The room darkens and relevant objects are highlighted with a blue wireframe. An interactive tap triggers a more detailed look at the item.

A totally immersive exploration of a spectacular location and next-level tech only made possible through virtual reality.

'It’s obvious that ambition on behalf of developers is just as high as the expectation from consumers.'