Theme Park Attractions

Creating a successful theme park attraction requires as much storytelling skill as it does technical expertise; two things that can be found in abundance at Framestore. Working with the latest technologies and techniques, the team has a passion for what they do and the attractions they create for some of the world’s biggest theme park operators. 

Screen-based attractions

Whether a multi-screen dark ride or a single-POV motion base, rich media that combines live-action, animation and VFX tells stories and engages guests. Framestore’s specialist teams produce the highest-quality visuals using creative thinking and storytelling experience so it’s the perfect partner for park operators creating the most compelling attractions. ​

VR attractions

Mixed reality is an important platform for immersing guests inside fantastical or magical worlds. From Marvel and JK Rowling’s Wizarding World to Lionsgate’s film properties, Framestore has experience in telling stories with the biggest IPs in entertainment and its teams are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to its fullest potential. ​

Environmental media

Engaging theme park visitors is about more than just attractions; it’s about creating entire immersive worlds. From environmental and queue media that sets the scene for what’s to come, to narrative themed safety films, Framestore knows it’s key to establish the world and create unique and engaging media for any themed park or attraction.