Talking IP on Blooloop

Thursday 26 March 2020

Having worked with some of the biggest intellectual properties in entertainment from JK Rowling’s Wizarding World to Marvel’s lineup of super heroes, Framestore is extremely well-suited to looking after IPs as they’re used across different platforms, including theme park attractions. 

With that in mind, immersive creative director Gavin Fox recently penned an article for attractions and theme park industry publication Blooloop. In it he explained the different things that need to be considered by an IP owner if they’re looking to maximise their property as part of a theme park ride, mixed reality experience or any other form of location-based entertainment.

From thinking about what fans expect, to carefully deciding how to tell a story without interfering with existing narratives, Gavin uses his wealth of experience to explain how important it is to maintain a property’s integrity as it becomes an immersive world.

Read the full article on the Blooloop blog now - and get in touch if you think Framestore can help you bring your property to life in an immersive experience.  ​