Blooloop editorial

Wednesday 5 August 2020

As part of our celebration of the first birthday of Lionsgate Entertainment World, immersive producer and the team's business development manager Adam Sargent penned an article for Blooloop on the teams and the skills that it takes to pull together such a monumental task. 

He spoke about the different teams within Framestore that made the project possible and how their working closely with clients and partners was the big difference-maker for the park. 


In the article he wrote: 'One of our favourite things about the project was the trust of Thinkwell and Lionsgate in us as a creative studio and the freedom to create the media using our own creative ideas.

There are so many moving parts that go into the creation of a theme park attraction or location-based entertainment experience. This means that consistency and the ability to deliver several services at once is vital.

That’s why for organisations like Lionsgate, or any other theme park operator we’re working with, having the right partners with a wide range of services and access to in-house skills is invaluable.'


Read the full article here on the Blooloop Blog and check out the behind the scenes films we produced for each of the attractions here on